Thursday, 17 November 2011

Audio Brighton x Gars Brighton

Created for Audio/Gars Brighton, they have a collaborative
promotion, this card is given to people after their meal inviting
them to Audio for free entry.

Wax Xmas Sessions

Monday, 24 October 2011

Saturday, 17 September 2011

I Have finally bought my domain name and for the time being have put up a little construction page, with a link to this blog. So new access to this page is via



Sunday, 4 September 2011

Audio Brighton

One of the main briefs I have received from Audio Brighton
has been to design a set of posters 5 in total to excentuate  (probably spelt that wrong)
different desirable aspects of the bar/club using images which they felt
summed up what they are proud to stand for.

Fun job, ammends a plenty, keep aneye out for them
round Brighton ways

Wax Is BACK!!!

New Wax artwork, again a collectable set of 4 posters, 
I took the branding of wax and morphed it for a brand
spanking new venue JUNK, Audio Southampton is dead, 
but WAX lives on!
This is the full background image of the poster, I was really happy that 
I managed to get it right first time, Clickers aren't cheap, nor is luminous 
pink paint, you get some strange looks especially when you buy it 
wearing a dress (par)

Saturday, 9 July 2011


For all the people I've given this blog address to recently, here is my email


Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Design By Crayon Website

Been working away to get my website finished,
been a hard graft but it's almost there, so look out
for the new dbc website (hopefully) in august

Audio Banner

This was designed to wrap around an empty (round) fish tank
at the end of the bar at the now desceased Audio Southampton (RIP)
now it will probably never see the light of day

You and Me Alfred (Work in Progress)

A great little band from Oslo, Norway called
You And Me Alfred have asked me to design
their album cover. This is a work in progress,
not sure they've seen it yet, but thought i'd fire
it up online.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Typeface stickers coming soon

Sigma - Audio Southampton

Little design I put together a few weeks ago
for On A Level @ Audio

Flier Experiment

This was an "experimental" idea for the back
of the summer sessions artwork I posted a
while ago. Didnt go with it in the end so used
this (below) instead

Considerably "safer" still tinkering with the
colours and text a bit but this is a rough idea
of how it's going to look

In The Speakers Clothing

Little B-card Promo

Little Early Business Card Design For myself

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

No Fixed Address

A banner I created to go along side my book
at this years Solent Degree show, open
10 june


A Warehouse work in progress/rebrand


Promo for Warehouse, Saturdays at Audio

David "The King" Rodigan at Wax

Occasionally wax puts out posters for additional promo for their
nights, which normally are promoted via a monthly flyer.

This was a Rodigan Special

The Monday club

Audio asked me to come up with the
graphics for their new Monday night
promotion, featuring up and coming
djs and mcs from Southampton

Degree Show Poster

As the project went on, I came up with the
term, Giraffic Design, this idea was a
response to that idea

A uni project to design a poster for the degree
show, I realised that the ammount of time
spent working on our 3rd year projects was
9 months, so equated that to the gestation
period of humans, implying that we were
showing our babies

The artwork formed the background for a set
of 4 collectable posters,

Wax - Audio Southampton

Been a long time since my last update, so this is
all backdated. Anyway, this is some artwork I
created for Wax at Audio, Southampton
back in january.